About Our Company

Our Family Crafts, Ceramic Studio and Gift Shop

6955 Brevard Road

Etowah, NC 28729

(828) 595-4324


Our Family Crafts ceramic studio provides greenware, bisque, brushes, colors, glazes and all supplies needed to complete a beautiful project.

Classes are offered by appointment only. Two Duncan Certified instructors provide individual student attention to ensure all are pleased with their finished projects.

Our Gift Shop showroom is filled with top quality handcrafted and hand decorated earthenware items offered for sale. Each handcrafted product is unique as no two items are ever exactly the same.

We offer our handcrafted products for sale through this website. When an item is ordered, and it is in stock, the order will ship within 24hr. If an ordereed item is not in stock,  it normally takes two to three weeks to complete the project and have it ready for shipment. Our products are top quality and hand made. Because these items are handmade to order we do not accept returns.